Life Doesn’t Have to be a Load of Laundry

by Pamela Santangelo on August 28, 2009

As I stood above a pile of freshly cleaned laundry; I pondered.

Clothes get dirty, go through the wash, spin cycle, tossed around in the drier to come out to be piled up to be put away. With this same process repeating within a few days. Thoughts as simple as how much time do I spend in a week, month or year merely completing this remedial task some of us call laundry. I think that if I took the time to really track it; I would probably be depressed by the amount of time dedicated to this simple task. Looking to the positive; I personally use this chore as one of many means to interact with my daughter. I let her help me with each step in the process and she is affirmed that she is a big helper.

Following the trail of another thought lead me to think about my life and some of those around me. Allowing ourselves to repeat the same patterns over and over. Momentarily come to a form of self realization and feel good about a personal discovery often times to then allow ourselves to be burdened by the very same issue yet again whether it be days, weeks or even months later.

I personally want out of the spin cycle. Of course we all need to come out of the closet and allow ourselves to get dirty in this illusion we call life, but is there a benefit to blindly repeating the same miss guided patterns over and over. I think not. A friend of mine shared her belief that we all have specific lessons that we are each here to learn and we will keep repeating those same issues until we get it right. It could be different situations with different people, but the same under lying challenge that we have to surmount.

So I guess the question to ask; am I ready to get out of the spin cycle and if not why?

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