How I’m feeling today

by Pamela Santangelo on January 31, 2012

It’s been a long while since I wrote an entry. I found myself in a place this last year of needing to enclose myself in a healing space if you will. Without divulging too much; my husband and I owned a medium sized company that had some very, very unfortunate turn of events. This lead to a significant amount of pain and suffering for a while. The very, very few who know the full story had expressed astonishment that we retained our marriage and our sanity through it all. Frequently I find myself toying with the idea of writing a book regarding the situations. I haven’t decided, which tells me that I may in the future since I haven’t ridden the idea off yet.

My initial desire for this blog was to chronicle my path of discovering harmony between all the facets of my life: self, children, spouse, home, career, etc. This is still my desire, yet I found that I needed to take the time over this last year to further heal from the trauma. So much of my energy had been exhausted over the years from these external factors that there was very little left of myself to give. Simply put starting this earlier was a futile venture.

So today, I am feeling inclined to start this again, and hopefully stick with it. I may not be an elegant writer, yet. In fact I can promise you that there will be typos as well as grammar errors. Know that I am trying and desiring to develop my skills in this area.

I’ve learned a great deal over this last year and I am looking forward to sharing what I’ve gained in knowledge as well in strength.

Hoping we all find harmony…

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