February 1, No Thank You

by Pamela Santangelo on February 2, 2012

Today was not just an “off” day. It was the kind of day that I would have been far better to have gone back to bed as soon as the alarm started sounding it’s charming rambling brook sound byte (provided the kids would allow that, which would never happen). For me it started with the oldest (near 6) dawdling getting ready for school. This was not your normal slow poke morning, however. This was extreme sports style, morning routine avoidance. Add a dash of toddler not wanting to be put down long enough to complete any one task.

Then the fun part really got started. As we were finally leaving, shoes and coats were on! I look back to see paint on a wall (of a non wall color variety). The day before we had paints out for an art project. I ask my daughter if she did this (knowing the answer). She proceeded to show me her finger with great pleasure. As calmly as I could I asked her to clean it up and as she did this, I went to the laundry room to discover a cat turd in the middle of the floor in an upright angle. Now, this is perplexing; did the cat just decide to move locations on me, or did the new kitten fling his fleeces in contempt for my not getting food in his bowl fast enough for his pleasure.

I know that my challenges today are little in comparison to past times in my life. There was something about today that was just unsettling, disturbing and frankly weird. By the time I left the house this morning I was laughing at the absurdity of the events that played out. I should be grateful I guess that these were my challenges today, first world problem- cat poop not in the litter pan. The tone of the day sadly continued in this manner, but nothing quite as amusing as that.

Hope we all find a little harmony tonight.

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