Am I Failing Forward or What?

by Pamela Santangelo on June 12, 2012

This blogging thing isn’t really a formed habit for me yet, as it seems I allow to much space between posts. I guess I’m not entirely clear of what I want to express or share with my efforts to achieve harmony.

So today I try again.

My youngest, almost two, is highly active. To the point that it is a hazard to his safety to leave alone for more than a few seconds. As a result I’m not spending much time on the computer any longer. If I can’t do it on my phone, it will likely take me a while to get around to.

One of my areas that I felt I needed to work on in addition to health and well everything in life, is the state of my house. There are times that we have it in order, but far too often it slips into a state of train wreak meets Hurricane Katrina. I read a funny joke that I imagine everyone on the internet has seen by now, cleaning the house with children is like shoveling the walk while snowing. Oh how very, very true.

While today I can not entirely speak to attitude shifts, I can say that previous to this in the last several weeks I had been working on adjusting my perception of my surroundings. The quote “Change the way you look at things and the things you look at change,” has been my constant mantra as of late. I have found that by focusing on this, my frustration at the pile of dishes in the sink has lessened and I am more easily finding myself in the frame of mind to tackle the dishes instead of wasting an hour of time in some random avoidance activity.

I’m not aiming for sterile, but it would be nice to have a reasonable standard of tidiness met on relative consistent basis. To my credit, the sink is presently clean and yesterday I had Lil miss assist in cleaning her room and purging her hair accessories. One step at a time.

Lil man is crying, I better go.

May we all find a little harmony today.


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