Fresh Strawberries

by Pamela Santangelo on June 13, 2012

Fresh strawberriesLast year I completed a small handful of tasks in our garden. Among them I planted about 20 strawberry plants. We were very fortunate to have met a women who was preparing to move out of state and she was passing on a large volume of garden supplies. Included in these were two half barrels brimming with strawberries. This spring I separated out the plants from the barrel, they were tiny in comparison due to over crowding, but now we have near 100 plants. Next years harvest should be glorious in comparison.

According to an area berry grower, Sakuma Brothers, to have enough berries for a family of four with enough left over for freezing they recommend 100 plants.

This year I’ve been making an effort to learn all I can about companion planting. I can already see this effort paying off big time.
Thyme planted with strawberries is said to discourage worm damage and lettuce and spinach seem to draw the slugs away from the berries.

There is something quite fulfilling to step out the door and be able to collect fresh berries for breakfast. In another post I will share what I have learned thus far.

May we all find a little harmony today.


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