Rules for Mothers with Daughters part 1

by Pamela Santangelo on February 10, 2012

I read a blog post by another women recently on her rules for being a mother to a daughter. I really liked the concept, but her content did not strike a cord with me. It is my personal desire that my children have the opportunities to pursue whatever their deep desires are. I do not wish to impose any ideas on to them- other than I ask that they try hard and they enjoy what they are doing. Most importantly I desire my children to know their self worth.

After reading the bio of the author of the previously mentioned post I realized that she is a younger mother and she is trying to groom her daughter to marry prince charming and have babies. To me having children is something that one should really desire and go into it with a clear head. Asking the big question of, “Why do I want to be a parent?” “Would I make a good parent?” Sadly, every day I observe someone who really should not have been allowed to procreate. In retrospect I wish I had been a little more clear when we first discovered we were expecting. While I wouldn’t change the fact that I am a parent today, I can honestly say that I wish I had planned a little better than I had.

Children are little sponges and they absorb all that is their environment. It is my deepest desire that I go through my own process of rediscovering health and healing that I can set the stage to ensure my children are not burdened with trying to overcome obstacles of learned patterns. I imagine I will cause them some form of grief, but hopefully it will be minimal.

I think that is part of why I am so eager to repair my health. I watched a presentation last night form Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride regarding digestive health and physiology. It was fascinating. As I listened closely I realized how much of this has impacted my life over the years and how I already see it affecting my little family. Why pediatricians aren’t closely examining this with all of their young patients I do not yet know, but there is a small part of me that is feeling a pull to be involved in that in some way. My feeling on this could be attributed to newly found eagerness, we’ll have to see if this passes.

I feel like this entry is a little all over the board today. I am sorry for my randomness. Back to point I have been working on my own rules for having a daughter and as soon as I feel ready to share I will do so.

May we all find a little harmony today.

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