My life changed last week

by Pamela Santangelo on February 9, 2012

I had no intention of taking yet another break from this blog, but something really profound happened.

Over the course of years there have been a number of things that have added up with regards to me and my over all wellness. I knew there was something not quite right, but I could never put my finger on it. I usually attributed it to lack of sleep, stress, etc. I was scattered brained, had sleep issues, I would forget what I was saying mid-sentence and at times forget I was even talking. My skin has become increasingly dry, and the list could really go on and on. None of these things are really of great significance to go to the doctor and say, “Hey what’s wrong with me”.

I had a chat with a client who happens to be a pharmacist / herbalist. I made a comment about how sometimes I feel disregarded when I visit the doctor with a health question. She went on to tell me a story of a recent client of hers who felt much the same only to discover she had yeast overgrowth. My client went on to describe some of that person’s symptoms and a massive light bulb went off in my head, as that person’s symptoms were much the same as mine.

I asked her if I could have the contact info for a naturopathic doctor that she told me about that she trusted. Within a few minutes of my first consultation the doctor made note of a number of physical symptoms of Candida, yeast overgrowth. For instance: if I scratch my neck/chest it will stay red for hours afterwards. This is an actual condition related to yeast. I also become very red if I drink alcohol- another symptom. As we continued to talk, I realized how involved and invasive this problem really is.

As a young child I had many ear infections. This has not slowed into adulthood, only now I experience regular battles with sinus infections. I conservatively estimated that I had been on antibiotics roughly 60 (sixty) times over the course of my life. Apparently, this leads the way to killing off the good bacteria in the gut and paving the way for other health issues to emerge. Sorry to tell you this, but eating yogurt isn’t enough to fix the issue. I learned that all skin issues are actually caused by internal digestive issues. Ladies put down the hand cream, go see someone about your digestion. There is so much information on the topic it’s a little over whelming. The idea of my being able to experience my life in a way that is all together different than now, is something that is really rather astonishing to me. Admittedly, I am a little frustrated that it has taken this long. I’ve gone to other physicians and nutritionist, and not once has this issue of looking at my digestion come up, nor the fact that I am highly allergic to mold and that I shouldn’t eat anything with mold or yeast (that was a blinding flash of obvious that I had last week on my own).

I decided that I am going to make my progress through this public in the hopes that it may reach and help someone else. As I go through my day I realize just how many others I know who likely have this plaguing them as well, but not knowing any different.

Hopefully we all find health and harmony, very soon.

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