Unexpected Toothpaste

by Pamela Santangelo on August 1, 2011

For those who are starting, or about to start the process of potty training, I have a recommendation for you. In our household, we found “Bear and the Big Blue House” to be wonderful, and would recommend it. This simple video from The Jim Henson Company had propelled this concept much faster than I think we could have on our own.

There was one afternoon in particular that was a misadventure worth noting. Lil’ Miss desired to sit on the potty. I left the bathroom and soon heard her declaring that she had a big poop. I came to find she had gotten up from the potty seat and had accidentally pooped on the floor of the bathroom. I cleaned her and it up, then encouraged her to stay on the potty next time until finished. All the while, I was ensuring she knew that I was not upset about the mess. We left the room and continued with our day.

Later, I came into the bathroom where moments earlier I noticed her playing with her toothbrush that had been carelessly left out from earlier in the day. She was washing her hands and I looked at the tooth brush that was now sitting on the bathroom counter to discover a brown smear on it. She then informed me that she was helping clean. This left me pondering, where did this come from? I think I figured it out, or at least I hope I did. At the time of the original incident, I failed to look closely at the potty seat itself. I suspect, that perhaps, there was a smear of poop that I missed when wiping it down. Part of me is embarrassed to admit that I missed cleaning up poop. The reality is, no harm was done and I am sure I would have noticed it before too long.

Oh, and yes I got a new toothbrush for her.

toothbrush with poop

Keep smiling.


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